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World Literacy Youth Ambassador 2017

I am very proud to announce that in May I was selected to be a Youth Ambassador for the World Literacy Foundation 2017. This means for the next few months, I will be dedicated to raising awareness (and money) for the World Literacy Foundation.

I initially saw that WLF were recruiting Youth Ambassadors on their Facebook page and after spending some time umm-ing and ahh-ing over applying, I decided to go for it. As my previous blog posts show, I am an advocate for education, and have been involved in fundraising for the Memusi Foundation. I am also a massive lover of books, and the idea that someone cannot access fictional worlds in the same way I can breaks my heart. So I applied to be a WLF Ambassador to give me more experience in advocating for children’s rights, fundraising, and more importantly, to give myself a feasible goal. I have a tendency to be a somewhat capricious individual, meaning that whilst I’m full of good ideas and intentions, sticking them out can be a different story. Being a Youth Ambassador sets me an attinable fundraising goal, and I have lots of support from the WLF team to motivate me.

Literacy is a skill I have long taken for granted. Being able to read, and to write this very blog post come as naturally as breathing, yet it’s a privilege seldom recognised as just that – a privilege. In Northern Uganda, the adult literacy rate is roughly 64%. It is here that the WLF will be channeling funds raised by Youth Ambassadors this year, to provide education to children and help them build better futures for themselves and their families. We often forget how much literacy plays a role in our ability to communicate with others, aiding social mobility.
It’s not just ground-breaking things like being able to attain academic success that literacy skills provide. “Simple” things like being able to administer the correct dosage of medicine outlined on the packet, being able to follow a recipe to cook a meal, and being able to use a map or follow signs’ directions, are not possible without basic literacy skills. And in many parts of the world, children are not accessing these skills, as they are not accessing the education they deserve.
Every child deserves to be able to read. With your help, we can help more children access education. Please donate if you are able, like the Facebook page, and stayed tune for more of my campaign.

-A x


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